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It is quite difficult to get a new mortgage or loan with a bruised credit. When you have this, banks may turn you down for loans and mortgage brokers may send you away without approvals.

The good thing is that there is still a silver lining here. We shall help you to find loans even when your income level is below-par and if you have a bruised credit!

What is a Bruised Credit Mortgage?

A Bad Credit Mortgage is sometimes known as Bruised Credit Mortgage. It is a loan sanctioned to people who have a bad credit score or one which is well under the national average. In the current times, mortgages are granted by lenders to only those whose credit score is higher than 650. And this is just the beginning. There are lenders who desire a credit score of more than 700.

A bruised credit is a good idea for someone who has a bad credit but is still capable of paying back his or her monthly mortgage payments on the right time. This means that as long as one would not default on the loan, there is a good chance to get the mortgage.

How can Credit be Bruised?

It is difficult to maintain a high credit score for everyone. There can be unforeseen situations or circumstances which demand immediate and unplanned expenses. Some of these situations are funeral expenses, tuition fee hikes, bad investments and property damage repairs. You credit becomes Bruised when you are not able to pay back your bills on time.

What are the Benefits of Obtaining a Bruised Credit Mortgage?

It allows you refinance your property and saves you from declaring bankruptcy. With this, you can consolidate the loan with your high interest debts. It can be used to refinance the property and uncover its equity value for meeting other expenses.

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